Caring Doctors, Compassionate Traditions

Internal Medicine Center, LLC is a multi-specialty clinic providing quality care in a compassionate environment since 1946. As the largest independent multi-specialty clinic in Mobile, we take pride in creating an environment where our physicians can provide individualized, quality care to our patients.

IMC offers 22 physicians in the areas of Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Rheumatology, and Endocrinology. The clinic has nearly 200 staff members, an in-house laboratory, a clinical research division, nuclear medicine testing, a walk-in clinic, ultrasound testing, a diabetes center and cardiology/non-nuclear testing.


Our Core Values

We have empathy, respect, and compassion for the patients we serve and each other.

We believe in a friendly, helpful, team-oriented and cooperative work environment.

We strive for excellence in the work we do.


We value professional integrity in all aspects of our work at IMC.


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